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Is SeekingArrangement “world’s largest Sugar Daddy dating site?”

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Sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships have always been around. It is where a man who is well off agrees to date a women and at the same time dote her with gifts and money. These relationships have become more and more common with the amount of people who are able to start a company and set off on their own. The best way to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby is to use a sugar dating site. Seeking Arrangement is one such site and it happens that they claim to be the largest of their kind.

Seeking Arrangement was started as a way for men to find women who are interested in being sugar babies and for the reverse. It was developed by Brandon Wade to meet what he thought was an ideal relationship. One free from the normal constraints of a relationship and beneficial to both parties. Let’s explore their claim that they are the world’s largest sugar daddy dating website.

The company was formed in 2006 which makes them 10 years old this year. A good achievement for a dating website. It actually makes it one of the first legitimate dating websites on the internet. If not that, it is at least one of the first legitimate sugar daddy dating websites. Ten years is a long time for a sugar daddy website to be running. It means that they have a large subscriber base that can pay for the expenses of running the site and employing the staff members involved. Only a few other sugar daddy sites have been operating longer.

Seeking Arrangement claims to have over five million users. If true that is a large amount of people to use the website. Most dating websites don’t have nearly that many users. However, the fact that Seeking Arrangement is an international sugar daddy dating site might account for that. More than just people in the United States want to find alternative, mutually beneficial relationships.

Sugar babies with sugar daddies might want to find another website though because a large portion of that five million member base is sugar babies. It is definitely tilted in the favor of sugar daddies who will join and have a large selection of women to choose from. The website claims to have over four million sugar babies and over one million sugar daddies and mommas.
When you look at Seeking Arrangement from the perspective of the number of staff they have it is clear that they are well equipped. There are three different offices in three different countries making their team based around the world a pretty decent size for any dating website. People from over 139 different countries have used seeking arrangement and that is definitely a large portion of the countries around.

Seeking Arrangement also claims that it gets over three thousand new members every day and that number is continuing to go up. That’s more members signing up every day than some mainstream websites get.

A lot of top sugar daddy lists tend to agree that Seeking Arrangement is one of the largest websites. It is very rare that you find a top ten list of sugar daddy websites where seeking arrangements isn’t in the top five. It often finds its way to the top too because of its reputation.

It isn’t too surprising that Seeking Arrangement would have so many users. There are a lot of people who are starting to look for sugar relationships because they see the benefits for both sides. The number of people who will want to sign up for both sides is just going to continue to grow. Websites like Seeking Arrangement make it so much easier to start a mutually beneficial relationship.

It is quite possible that Seeking Arrangement is the largest sugar dating website out there. Many users and reviews of the website back up their claim. It is impossible to say for sure that they are the largest without seeing the direct statistics from their website but we would definitely side with them being the largest website of its kind out there. Especially, as we mentioned, the largest amount of sugar babies around.

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